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HD Moore | Baron Daniel Crowley | Todd Manning, Michael DePlante Jr, and Tony Fuller | Wandering Glitch | Brandon Perry | Ricky Lawshae | Claire Reynolds | Pedram Amini | Jonathan Cran | Rick Redman | Summer Lee | Trevor Rosen

HD Moore @hdmoore

Atredis Partners | VP Research & Development
Critical Research Corporation | CEO

HD has spent the last 20 years breaking into networks, auditing software, writing exploits, and building products, with leadership roles at BreakingPoint Systems, Rapid7, Atredis Partners, and Critical Research. HD is best known as the founder of the Metasploit Project, the effort behind the synonymous open source exploit framework. For a sampling of his work, please see his website.

Daniel Crowley @dan_crowley

X-Force Red | Head of Research & Penetration Tester

Daniel denies all allegations regarding unicorn smuggling and questions your character for even suggesting it. Daniel is the primary author of both the Magical Code Injection Rainbow, a configurable vulnerability testbed, and FeatherDuster, an automated cryptanalysis tool. Daniel enjoys climbing large rocks and is TIME magazine’s 2006 person of the year. Daniel has been working in the information security industry since 2004 and is a frequent speaker at conferences including Black Hat, DEF CON, Shmoocon, and SOURCE. Daniel does his own charcuterie and brews his own beer. Daniel’s work has been included in books and college courses. Daniel also holds the noble title of Baron in the micronation of Sealand.

Todd Manning @tmanning

Trend Micro Research | Senior Threat Researcher

Todd Manning is a researcher with Trend Micro Research. His research interests include the analysis of computer programs in their many forms. He also finds joy in understanding the hardware platforms on which various kinds of programs execute. He is also deeply interested in understanding the ways software communicates over mediums of all kinds. A perennial student, he strives to improve his own understanding, and in so doing, develops code to help him understand his path more fully. He strives to share this understanding with his neighbors, and enjoys a hearty discussion over fermented hops and grain. He is not, in fact, Benicio del Torro.

Wandering Glitch @WanderingGlitch 

Trend Micro’s Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) | Security Researcher

WanderingGlitch is a security researcher with Trend Micro’s Zero Day Initiative (ZDI). In this role, he analyzes and performs root-cause analysis vulnerabilities submitted to the program, which represents the world’s largest vendor-agnostic bug bounty. His focus includes performing root-cause analysis on hundreds of zero-day vulnerabilities submitted by ZDI researchers from around the world. He has presented at numerous security conferences including Black Hat, DEFCON, REcon, Power of Community, and BreakPoint. When not researching the latest bugs in software, WanderingGlitch enjoys rock climbing and playing musical instruments.

Brandon Perry @BrandonPrry

Brandon Perry has authored two books with No Starch Press, Gray Hat C# and Wicked Cool Shell Scripts, 2nd Edition. Having worked across the spectrum from front-end enterprise development, backend development, and securing AAA games, Brandon has seen many ways security can be done correctly and incorrectly.

Ricky Lawshae @HeadlessZeke

Trend Micro Research | Security Researcher

Ricky Lawshae is a security researcher for Trend Micro Research where he focuses mainly on finding and fixing vulnerabilities in embedded devices. Some call him a hero, but I assure you he is just a normal man.

Claire Reynolds @hotdogitsclaire

State Bar of Texas | Public Relations Counsel

Claire is the Public Relations Counsel in the Chief Disciplinary Counsel’s Office at the State Bar of Texas, which prosecutes cases of professional misconduct by lawyers. There, she acts as the media contact, the administrator of the Client Security Fund, and handles angry calls from the public, of which there are many. She is a licensed attorney in Texas and California, and has practiced family law, criminal defense, and property law before her current position. She is learning about cybersecurity law as a hobby, so naturally, as an attorney, she enjoys trying to sound like she knows more than she does. Do not take her advice. Do not make eye contact for prolonged periods of time. When confronted, try to make yourself appear larger by waving your arms above your head and yelling loudly.

Pedram Amini @pedramamini

Pedram focuses the majority of his time on InQuest (.net), which offers a data acquisition platform capable of inspecting application content over the most commonly used network protocols either on-premise or in-cloud. InQuest touts a proprietary Deep File Inspection (DFI) layer which provides a novel file-centric view over traditional network intrusion detection systems (NIDS). He was formerly a director of software development at Avast after the acquisition of his startup Jumpshot, a fully automated solution for the removal of deeply entrenched Windows malware infections. Previously, he was the founder of the Zero Day Initiative at TippingPoint (Acquired by 3Com/HP). Managing the worlds largest group of independent researchers. To date the predominant source of all Microsoft vulnerability discoveries. Prior to that, he served as the assistant director and one of the founding members of iDEFENSE Labs (acquired by Verisign).

He has historically spent much of his time in the shoes of a reverse engineer- developing automation tools and processes. In conjunction with his passion, he launched OpenRCE.org, a community website dedicated to the art and science of reverse engineering. He has presented at BlackHat, DefCon, RECon, Ekoparty, Microsoft Bluehat, ShmooCon, ToorCon, and Virus Bulletin and taught numerous sold out reverse engineering courses. Pedram holds a computer science degree from Tulane University and is an author of the book “Fuzzing: Brute Force Vulnerability Discovery”.

Jonathan Cran @jcran

Pentestify | Principal

Jonathan Cran is an information security expert based in Austin Texas. He’s a principal at the strategic consulting firm Pentestify, and founder of the the open security intelligence platform, Intrigue. His passion is security assessment, architecting systems to measure and ultimately prevent security incidents. Currently, he’s building a world-class research team at Kenna Security, working on the next generation of proactive security decision support.

Rick Redman @CrackMeIfYouCan

KoreLogic | Senior Penetration Tester

Rick Redman is a senior penetration tester with KoreLogic. As a technical expert in password cracking/recovery, he founded and runs the annual DEFCON password cracking contest “Crack Me If You Can”. In 2019, Rick is celebrating his 20th year as a professional penetration tester and offensive security consultant.

Summer Lee @crazian


Summer Lee is part of the Threat & Attack Simulation (TAS) team for GuidePoint Security. She started using social engineer tactics at a very young age which led her to have a special interest in physical Red Team engagements. When she’s not talking infosec, she can be found playing tabletop and video games.

Trevor Rosen @trevrosen

Principal Architect – R&D | SolarWinds

Trevor Rosen is a Principal Architect in the R&D group at SolarWinds, where he focuses on cloud monitoring and ops, mostly in Go. If he looks vaguely familiar, it might be because he worked at Rapid7 for four years here in Austin. He also enjoys the game Go. Go figure.