Project Mayhem

Project Mayhem is a combined scavenger hunt, bar crawl and skills challenge taking place Saturday night in the heart of downtown Austin’s nightlife. This is not to be missed.

Saturday April 8, 2017
9PM Check in
10PM- 1AM Game on


How to Play

  • Sign up your team on Google Forms.
  • Download the Scavify App on one team member’s smartphone and register your team under the game “ISSW Project Mayhem 2017”. This team member will act as your scorekeeper. Your scorekeeper must turn in your tasks by 1AM or you won’t get points for them and you won’t win.
  • Meet at Buffalo Billiards Rec Room between 9PM and 9:30PM Saturday night, April 9th. Game officially begins at 10PM, but pay attention to Scavify throughout Saturday for advanced hints, short-term tasks, or other information.
  • Complete tasks in Scavify with your team.
  • Don’t delay, all tasks end at 1AM and some special tasks will need to be turned in at home base BEFORE 1AM! See information below on special tasks.

Want to NOT Play?

Don’t go to bed early because you don’t want to run around downtown. We can use help judging the entries that are sent in and there’s plenty to do at Buffalo Billiards Rec Room!



Normal Tasks

Most tasks in the game will show up as “Photo Challenges” in Scavify. For tasks like these you’ll take a photo of your team completing the challenge and submit it to the app. Make sure that your photo contains enough context for us to award points. If you’re supposed to be drinking a drink at a particular bar, we want to see that’s where you’re at. If it isn’t obvious, get creative – use receipts, menus, or signage to make it clear where you are. Home base is the final judge of all photos.


You may return these items to home base at any time throughout the night but they must turned in BEFORE 1AM. We suggest turning these in as early as possible in case there’s a line. If you are stuck in line at 1AM you are screwed. When you deliver an item, home base will give you an answer code to enter into Scavify to show you’ve completed the task.

LOCK Tasks

Several locks are scattered around downtown Austin, with an ISSW laminated tag hanging off of them. If you can find the lock and bring it to us at home base, your team will be the only one to score for that lock. This is just like a DELIVER task except only one team will be able to score for each lock.


VIDEO tasks are just a special form of DELIVER. Take video on your phone and show it to home base. We’ll look at it and give you a code if it works. We suggest returning these as early as possible in case there is a review delay. It might be a good idea to take video on a phone other than your Scavify phone so that you can show a video with one phone and submit answers on the other.

HOLD Tasks

King of the Mountain. For tasks beginning with “HOLD”, these items or conditions must be held until the end of the night and turned in at home base at Buffalo Billiards Rec Room at 1AM. The team possessing this item AT 1AM at Buffalo Billiards Rec Room will receive the points for the item. If you do not have the item at 1AM or the item is not at Buffalo Billiards Rec Room at 1AM, you will not receive points for this item.