Venue + Events

Conference Venue

Hotel Ella
1900 Rio Grande
Austin, TX 78705

Hotel Ella has complimentary wifi throughout.

Turbo Talks

Location: TBD

Outside the classroom

In addition to the lecture tracks, we have other engaging activities going on at InfoSec Southwest that you may enjoy:


Open-­forum Turbo-­talks

During our two-hour lunch breaks on Saturday of the conference, InfoSec Southwest holds a completely open forum for lightning and turbo-talks that is not constrained by a speaker selection process, mirroring our wildly successful local AHA! hacker meeting format. This forum is open to anyone attending the conference to attend and/or to speak on any topic they wish in a first-come, first-speak order. As such, we invite everyone to attend and participate. Those who come and speak during the open forum will receive a complimentary speaker badge.


Project Mayhem

Project Mayhem is a combination scavenger hunt and pub crawl taking place Saturday night in the heart of downtown Austin’s nightlife. This is not to be missed.
Past hijinks have included team planking, tattoos, marriage proposals, and making friends with cops. Eek!

Saturday, May 2, 2020; check-in starts at 9:00pm, game is from 10:00pm – 1:00am


Capture the Flag + Other Contests

We will be hosting contests while at ISSW. If you have a specific CTF of contest you’d like to host or help run, let us know!

2020 Contest Organizer


Lockpick Village