Call For Papers

Want to be a Speaker?

Our CfP will be opening soon. Start getting your topics prepped & read over our talk guidelines below! 

Your Topic is Welcomed

ISSW wants all attendees to have the opportunity to learn something new, and papers can cover any topic in the broad fields of security and hacking. With the exception of vendor pitches, all topics are on the table for consideration as talks at our conference. Learning is paramount.

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Anatomy of the Talk

If you are selected by ISSW to present, your presentations should be around 45 minutes total, including 5-10 minutes for questions and answers. There will, however, be some limited places available for shorter, 20 minute presentations. Talks will be filmed for online posting. If you would like to not be filmed or posted, please let us know. We also ask that you do not present the same talk within 3 months and 100 miles of the conference.

If for some reason you aren’t selected, or if you’re looking for a less formal outlet, we have that covered too. During our two-hour lunch breaks at the Alamo Drafthouse, we offer an open forum for first-come, first-serve turbo-talks. Show up, sign up, speak up. More info on these turbo talks can be found here

Preferred Topics

In 2017, we focused on a healthy mix of defense- and offense-oriented talks, as well as talks about hacking the Internet of Things, the social, media, and legal aspects of information security, and shorter talks geared towards people new to information security. We will release our intended focus topics for 2018 soon.

We are also interested in submissions of ideas for formal debates, which will face off two experts on the debate topic against each other in a moderated, structured debate format. We welcome suggestions for both debate topics as well as debate contenders.

Getting Us the Goods

When you submit your materials be sure you have included all required information as doing so will vastly increase your chances of being selected. Those materials are:

  • Lecture Title: The name of your lecture.
  • Lecture Abstract: 200 word abstract for your lecture.
  • Lecture Description: Detailed description of your lecture and its topic.
  • Slides: Any slides and visuals for your presentation. Preference will be given if complete slides are included, but they are not required until March 1.
  • Presenter Name(s): The name that you or your group will be presenting under.
  • Presenter Bio(s): 150 word biography for you or your entire group.
  • Organization Name: Name of the company or organization you will be speaking on behalf of, if any.
  • Organization Bio: 150 word biography for your organization, if any.
  • Lecture History: List of other conferences or publications where your lecture or paper has been presented or published. Please include dates. NOTE- We require that all talks not have been presented within 100 miles.
  • Requirements: Any specific requirements beyond the standard power, audio/video, and Internet connectivity.

Please submit your materials or any questions to:

Speaker Selection Panel

Want to know just who is calling the shots here? The following panel is responsible for reviewing and selecting submitted lectures.

  • Tod Beardsley­ – Rapid7 / Metasploit
  • Dustin D. Trammell ­- Trammell Ventures / ExploitHub

Important Dates to Keep In Mind

  • 2017-11­-15: Call for Papers Opens
  • 2018-01-­15: Call for Papers Deadline
  • 2018-02-­15: Final Speaker Selections Announced and Notifications Sent
  • 2018-04­-11: InfoSec Southwest 2018 Conference Registration and Reception
  • 2018-04­-12: InfoSec Southwest 2018 Conference Day 1
  • 2018-04­-13: InfoSec Southwest 2018 Conference Day 2

Speaker Remuneration

Let’s face it, without speakers there would be no conference. That’s why we make every attempt to compensate our honored guests for their time and content as much as we possibly can. Remuneration for speakers consists of:

  • 2 Full Conference Passes (1 speaker and 1 general attendance badge)
  • 1 ISSW t-shirt
  • 1 InfoSec Southwest 2012 Speaker challenge coin
  • Custom portrait of yourself for our website and your own personal use
  • Access for yourself and a significant other to the speaker-only event on Thursday
  • Complimentary lunch and drinks during the turbo talks lunch sessions